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Review Of Sport Cars

Is there any speed, power, style, luxury and class treatment you when it comes to driving? If - yes, you would agree that sports cars comprise of the only automobile section that can provide you with the above blend.


Ferrari 248 F1

A feature of this racing vehicle is the opening of an eight cylinder V pattern engine, with the overall capacity of 2400 cubic cm. Ferrari 248 F1 Racing Car can run fast in all types of trails.


Ferrari F1-2000

Carbon fiber and honeycomb composite materials used in the manufacture of the vehicle. It has independent front and rear suspension with pushrod-activated torsion arms. It has independent front and rear suspension with push-rod activated torsion arms.


Ferrari F2001

The designers took clew from McLaren way of designing a car. Ferrari trademarks like periscope exhausts and small bargeboards were of course featured, but McLaren style things also found a place.


McLaren F1

Some salient design features of McLaren F1 are Central driving position, ground-plane shear suspension geometry, intelligent brake cooling, and fan-assisted ground-effect aerodynamics. It holds the distinction of being the world's first production road car to feature an all carbon composite monocoque and body structure.


The International Carwash Association Announces Winner of Best Decorated Car Sweepstakes

“My husband can finally get the GPS system he always wanted!” exclaimed this year’s Best Decorated Car Sweepstakes winner.

The International Carwash Association would like to congratulate Kitty Lakis from Las Vegas, NV, who had the most creative holiday decorated car. Kitty will win a $5,000 complete car-care makeover.

For those who are limited in price there is inexpensive opportunity to get great used cars in Seattle. According to a recent survey, people have an emotional attachment to their cars and just like folks decorate their homes for holiday entertaining, a new trend is spreading across the nation where people dress up their cars not only for weddings and homecoming games, but to spread holiday joy as well.

The International Carwash Association thinks adding a dash of spice to your car interior and exterior is great way to celebrate all special occasions, as long as you don’t obstruct the view from your car windows and mirrors.

Thank you to all who entered.
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The International Carwash Association is a non-profit trade association serving 3,000 businesses in the United States, Canada and overseas. Membership includes car wash operators, equipment manufacturers, distributors, and related suppliers. International Carwash Association members represent approximately 25,000 car wash and car care locations in North America. The Association provides more information at CarCareCentral.

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